The partners

STRIPS project partners are:

Kvinnor Soma Sverige KSS Logo

Kvinnor Soma Sverige is a nonprofit and non-governmental organization, founded by young residents living in Stockholm Municipality, keen to exploit their competences and to play an active role in the non-profit sector.

We believe young people have enormous untapped potential and can play an effective role in instigating positive change in their communities: we are hardly working to help them to fully express their enormous potential, for the benefit of the community and themselves. In a nutshell, Kvinnor Soma Sverige mission is focused on:

  • the promotion of the integration of new migrants and refugee into Swedish society
  • the promotion of youth participation and active citizenship
  • the promotion of gender equality
  • the promotion of young people volunteering at a local, European and international level
  • the promotion of youth work as a flywheel in social innovation field

In line with its mission, KSS promotes and carries out:

  • volunteering activities at a local, regional, national and international level and activities of boosting, supporting and coordinating of volunteering itself
  • informative, scholastic and professional orienting, cultural, social, recreational and editorial activities
  • seminar and formative training aimed to organizations, social and youth workers
  • formative, promotional and informative initiative related to specific themes linked with the third sector

From day one, KSS cooperates with organizations, local bodies and institutions that foster similar objectives, especially with the Stockholm Municipality.

From day one, KSS works, by the medium of thematic working groups, on social inclusion, migrants and minorities and carries out transversal activities for youth workers: among these a coordinated subgroup works specifically on the EVS and on the coordination and promotion of the activities linked to it.

From day one KSS looks at the Erasmus+ programme as a springboard: today we are ready to take flight.

Asociación Integra A Coruña ROSADELOSVIENTOSper brochureIntegra

Asociación Cultural Integra was founded in 2004 in A Coruña as an initiative of young people interested in the field of integration and European cooperation.

We are convinced that personal and social development doesn’t happen without knowing, living and feeling other social, economic and cultural rights of other European Union countries.

Asociación Cultural Integra objectives are improve the knowledge of the European Union and the instruments that makes available the youngest thereby promoting greater understanding and social cohesion also aims to increase mobility between countries, promoting international cooperation mutual cultural enrichment and publicize volunteering as an expression of an intercultural dimension based on solidarity and equality.

To achieve these objectives we have worked and continue to work with different mobility programs such as Erasmus+ (promoting the KA2 “Digital Competences Framework in Practice” and as a partner in “The suitcase, the map and the voyage of a youth worker”), Youth Exchanges and EVS programmes, Horizon 2020, Leonardo da Vinci (Mobility and Transfer of Innovation Projects) and other international projects and local development in closed cooperation, on local, regional and national levels, with schools, public authorities, education centers and no profit organization in the field of education and social sectors.

We look at the Erasmus+  as a tool to empower people, to promote inter-cultural awareness, to spread solidarity and equality.

The Asociación Cultural Integra STRIPS-team is represented by Raquel García Aneiros and Guiomar Iglesias Manrique






Bluebook LTD Bluebooksrl_logo

Bluebook LTD is a SME communication agency, with a special expertise in social communication. Bluebook works with young people through schools and through associations representing them, looking for and finding always new communication strategies in order to actively involve the youngest, with the aim to promote the principle of equal opportunities for all and the positive values of multiculturalism.

The core of our culture are the values of quality, integrity, respect, entrepreneurial spirit, mutual benefits and citizenship: imaging a world in which work and knowledge are an opportunity for personal growth and economic development, we have been working for about 15 years to realize this idea, through projects and initiatives that help organizations and people to empower themselves, to improve their abilities and skills, to relation each other, to solve their problem, to communicate to the world in an effective and respectful way. To enrich and integrate our core business activities we plans and carry out training activities, seminars, projects and publications for individuals, private companies and public bodies, focused primarily on the concept of equal opportunities for all and on the role that education plays in this context. In these contexts our target groups are transversal: we are used to work with young people, but also with other target, with a focus on people facing disadvantage.

We look at the Erasmus+ programme as an opportunity to share our values with people and organizations, to learn from each other, to widen people horizon.

The Bluebook STRIPS-team is represented by Monica and Noemi



In addition, as an external partners, the project actively involves Cspe: a non-profit association whose aim is promoting integration and cultural interaction, European cohesiveness and community active citizenship. Cspe is one of the key project stakeholders as, starting from 2014, the association works actively as Management Entity in the field of welcoming projects of asylum-seekers and owners of International Protection.


Cspe     cspe_logo

For more than 10 years Cooperazione Sud per L’ Europa  offers to young people cultural, professional and linguistic experiences overseas, in order to increase their opportunities in the labour market. Cspe has got a wide experience within the LLP European Union – 2oo7-2013 programme through project supporting educational and permanent training, realizing young exchanges and actions for professional training of young.

Cspe is also a formative agency accredited by Calabria Region with Law n. 6511 of 30 April 2013 that tries to help both  companies and youngest to acquire new competences. From 2014 the Association works actively as Management Entity in the field of welcoming projects of asylum-seekers or owners of International Protection, and also of beneficiaries of humanitarian protection. Moreover, it manages unaccompanied foreign minors centers. In all these projects, Cspe gives interventions of “integrated welcoming” put in action measures of useful information and orientation for the construction of individualized project in order to help beneficiaries to reach and regaining their own autonomy.

The Cspe team is represented by Domenica Pannace and Mariarosa Primerano