The Multiplier Events

In according to its overall objectives, STRIPS is going to disseminate the results and the Intellectual Outputs, planning three meetings reserved for “insiders” and professionals.

The meetings are planned to involve youth leaders and key stakeholders in a series of structured conversations, with the aim to share with them – youth leaders and youth workers, educators, teachers immigration and refugees center representatives – the project Intellectual Outputs and with the goal to explore, together and by different point of views, the new strategies designed at European level on the project topics.

The partnership organised 3 events: one in Sweden, one in Spain, one in Italy. 

In a nutshell the aims of the multiplier event have been:

  1. to blend youth organizations, NGO, education providers, local stakeholders and policy decision makers involving them in an informative debate;
  2. to share the project outcomes and results;
  3. to create a interactive event in order to reflect on the issues and challenges of youth work.

The events have hosted about 60 participants: about 15 local and regional decision makers in educational field, 30 youth leaders and youth workers, 15 immigration and refugees center representatives.


We carried on our multiplier event in  Kista Träff – Stockholm on 14 December 2017.




We carried on our multiplier event in Torino in a small new theatre on 14 December 2017. 

Two young actors – Silvia and Luca – worked on our strips: during the event they played some of the strips. 


We carried on our multiplier event in Almacén Concept Store – Rúa Olmos, 7, 15003 A Coruña on 14 December 2017.