The Intellectual Output 2

The Intellectual Output 2 is going to be a guide, in the form of a digital book. It is strictly linked to the Intellectual Output 1 and it represents the knowledge base on which the flexibility and adaptability of the IO1 is founded. According to the main project goal – to design and implement a tool suitable for re-processing and for being used with a wide range of different target profiles, in different contexts and starting from different topics – the guide is a digital book that accompanies youth workers step by step through the process of using comics to communicate, providing examples and case histories. The adopted method will be described as a product development including all the steps involved. The process of creating a comic focused on a specific issue and on a specific target will be broken down into a series of sequential steps. 1. The first step is going to describe the strategies for the analysis of the context, the issues the comic is about, what has to be included in the story, what features to highlight, who is the product for and who is going to read the comic. 2. The second step is going to describe how to create a script. The purpose of this step is to define the progression of the story, the profiles of the characters in the comic, the settings of the story and of the dialogue occuring either by narration or by the characters. 3. The third step is going to describe the layout the comic: how to sequence the story in such a way that readers can follow it. 4. The fourth step will describe how to draw and refine the comic: the finishing touches. This section will also explore the basic drawing techniques and the existing tools to make comic creation easier. This section will also present a range of resources, including drawing software and layout templates, to make the process of creating comics easier and faster. The guide will be translated in each partners language and will be disseminate through the following media: the project website, the partners website, the SALTO platform. It will be also promoted by the social media – Facebook primarily- as well as for the IO1.