Source of inspiration

In 2013 the joint European Commission – Council of Europe Pilot Projects Scheme “Human Rights and Democracy in Action” launched a comic strip competition open to students of all ages up to secondary school leaving age. The competition was promoted through the Council of Europe’s many education and youth networks. Students across Europe were given a chance to express their views of democracy and human rights, as experienced in their daily lives in school.

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Male and female: a video by Bruno Bozzetto. Stereotypes?

Stereotypes we reflected on 🙂

Planète migrants, a documentary written by Sophie Lamoureux, Actes Sud Junior éditions, 2016

A superb illustrated book that explains immigration to children we discovered at the International Exhibition of Illustration for Children | Sàrmede (Tv), Casa della fantasia, 10.22.2017 – 4.02.2018